Spain: More than 1,500 virus infections have been reported in one day

Spain, with more than 3,500 cases of the Coronavirus on the 13th, has seen more than 5,000 infections since the 14th day of the same day.

In just a few hours, the total number of virus infections has reached 5232. Spain has become the country most affected by the virus after Italy, due to the increasing number of people infected with the virus.

A total of 133 dead have been locked up in Spain since the total death toll has now risen to 133. According to the World Health Organization on Friday, Europe has become at the center of the epidemic, and the rate of infection in Europe is rising.

As a result of this situation, the Spanish people are buying, buying, and selling food. It is forbidden to go out except for certain important matters such as health and work. As soon as the news was heard, some airlines stopped as they stopped. Even the aircrafts returned to the original airport.

In Spain, the first case of the first case of a rotavirus was detected on the island of La Gomera on January 31. He was a German tourist. The second case was found in Palma de Mallorca on February 9, and the third was from a doctor who was diagnosed on February 29.

So far, there have been only a few outbreaks, but over the past three weeks there have been more than 5,000 infections and the highest infection rate. To date, there have been 148,306 cases of cholera and 5,550 deaths.