The city has been a secret place for 49 years, home to about 8,000 people

It is also one of the most dangerous places in the world. The events of the Soviet Union’s Chernobyl nuclear accident in the former Soviet Union have spread far beyond the world media, but many such incidents have been ignored by Soviet authorities. Among these, City-40 is one.

City 40 was the Soviet Union’s first plutonium production site, and three of those were nuclear accidents. Until the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1990, the City 40 disappeared from the map, and the inhabitants of the country illegally cleared and lost their whereabouts.

City 40, which shut down its unusual residents, was the capital of the Soviet Union’s nuclear weapons program after World War II. It was born under the scheme of the Soviet leader Stalin, and it remains today, the town of Ozersk. In 2001, it was announced that there were 42 secret cities in the Russian government, but CIA agents claimed that there were 15 more secret cities that did not state that Russia was legitimate.