Malaysia, the most affected country in ASEAN

Malaysian media reported Sunday that more than 190 new cases of the coronavirus have been reported in Malaysia. The outbreak has caused a total of 428 cases of coronavirus in Malaysia, making it the largest country in Southeast Asia.

There are 226 people infected with the virus in Malaysia, followed by Malaysia. Philippines, 140; Indonesia 117 Thailand is 114th. Vietnam 56 50 Brunei Darussalam Seven Cambodians have been infected, and no cases have been detected in Myanmar and Laos.

It said that 243 of the 428 people infected with the virus were involved in a religious ceremony held at a mosque, and more than 16,000 people from many countries attended the event.

The ceremony was held at the Sri Petaling Mosque in Malaysia, with about 14,500 Malaysians and Bangladeshi nationals. Brunei Darussalam Philippines About 1,500 foreigners from Singapore and Thailand attended the event from February 27 to March 1.