Italy, the world’s deadliest country due to Corona

Italy has surpassed the total death toll from China’s outbreak on Thursday (March 19). Italy is still recovering from an epidemic and the worst case scenario since the end of World War II.

China has more than 81,000 cases of the virus, with 3252 deaths. In Italy, there are 41,000 cases of the virus so far, of which 3,405 have died, making it the second-worst country in the world, with the death rate nearly doubling worldwide.

Italy has had more than 2,000 deaths since the last two days, but nearly 900 deaths occurred between March 18 and 19. Also on Tuesday, another 5,322 new cases of the virus were detected in Italy.

On Thursday, the dead were shipped with 15 military trucks to the city of Bergamo in northern Italy, and the video was a source of great frustration for social network users who watched the video all over the world.

When people were killed by the virus, they were buried for 30 minutes to prevent the virus from spreading again. In order to complete the process as quickly as possible, the monks were wearing masks, covering their heads with white robes from head to toe.