Aung Le Anand San, who plays a poem about how much he loves his daughter

Aung Larson is a loving wife and son with a happy family life and a kind father to his family. Aung Liang San, who spends his free time with his family, takes his son to school on a stressful day. Aung Moe also revealed on social media that he wants his son Aung Dae to compete in the World Boxing Hall of Fame with him.

Aung Lal San San has been consistently winning boxing matches in every boxing match, and has been touted as a Burmese paddy. It was his family that loved and warmed the steel heart of the boxing ring that Aung Kyang Anand was carrying in successive triumphs. Aung Liang San recently gave birth to a new baby girl and introduced her to the whole world.