Korean pop star in Myanmar shines brightly

Myanmar girl Martha Ma Htoo Htoo, who is more cautious in Myanmar with the song “Want a Home,” is a Burmese national living in Korea. Ma Myat Htee, who was born to Ma Myawaddy and Karen, who was born in Mae Sai, was a close acquaintance with the music. Her father, who is full of the blood of her father, is happy to sing. From the time she started singing, she was from childhood.

“My daughter was singing at an early age. The music player plays the guitar on the side. It started when I was a kid. I have been singing in schools since I was 7 years old. Also cover songs. When she arrived in Korea, she was also the winner. ”Her father, who also won several medals at the Socrates competition, also represented Karen State. Her family had settled in Korea after her father’s death.

Ma Htee Htoo is studying at a Korean foreign school and is currently in 6th grade. When the school closes in Korea, it is time for Burma to return to Myanmar with its mini-album, “The Big Bang is preparing for its mini-album when Myanmar returns. The filming has not been completed while returning and is expected to be released soon. We are also trying our best. If you want to go out, give it to the audience. ”Her passion for art was a dream of becoming an internationally successful Burmese singer.