Sturdy made a wonderful donation with a boyfriend

The girl is a mother of 30 children. She is slow to give up social and philanthropic gifts. It is not wrong to say that a good mother stands firm in the eyes of her children. In a recent interview with a media outlet, she told a media interview that there were foster children, but they were not allowed to adopt.

Khine Thwe is caring for 30 children and is building a new guesthouse to further care for the children. Khine Thwe is officially portraying the boy in her romance. The boyfriend also helps with his philanthropic work, without delay. On one occasion, he was able to make an invaluable donation with his girlfriend’s advice: “When you make a donation, you can’t donate money but you can save your life with your blood.

I don’t want to make a donation because I don’t want to donate or donate because I donate blood. You can do good with your blood, your body. Today I look at the donors who have donated blood, and I am glad that I have personally been able to see the goodwill of the donors. Thanks to the Gifted Advocate, thanks to this successful donor! ”She posted on her social media page with images of a charity that made a donation.