Share all emergency earthquake alerts

Earthquake information has been shared for the public. First, there are two main reasons why earthquakes exist in Myanmar.

(1) Indian land movement from India to Myanmar. (2) Gravitationally moving westward from Sagaing Myanmar.

Interviewed by Daw Khin Mya Thet from VOA’s Interview in Myanmar for two main reasons. The quake-hit areas and the worst-hit areas are:

(1) East of Mandalay: East (2) East of Pegu Division (3) North Chin Hills (North) / Sagaing North (Sagaing).

According to the division, the (1) in Yangon Region is located in the south-east of the Sagaing Division, 15-20 miles from the Sagaing Division in the eastern part of Yangon. Dagon Myothit (East) Dagon Seikkan Townships. “Because of the soft areas, it is more likely to be exposed to other areas.”

(2) The Mandalay region will be the most affected in Mandalay region. The scale is likely to be up to scale 9-10. The western part of Mandalay, which lies about 6-7 miles away from Sagaing, will be more prone to landslides and will have more damage. Approximately, the east side of 85-86 is more likely to be damaged.