The Buddha’s Dharma, the Money-Giver

The Buddha came to control the money

When the bed was new, I kissed the wallet of God in my hands and prayed to God that I could not control the money.

Nearly all of the people are just saying goodbye to the Blues, and they are forgetting to pay tribute to Laban. So the bribery money is no longer as accessible as it should be. Therefore, here are four examples of Labrador Awakening

The Buddha’s Dharma is the money that is being poured into

It is the only way to get money

As the saying goes, the bed is darkened and the monk’s hand is focused on the Buddha.

1. Say 3 times to the Buddha Dhamma Buddha Bodhisattva Buddha2. Repeat 3 Summaries.

3. Then, you must recite the phrase “Broken Dream”.

The Buddha’s Dhamma, the Dhamma, the Dhamma, the Dhamma, the Dhamma, the Dhamma, the Buddha

So, you have awakened your own shop-own bribe, and then you can recite it in your favor.

Do not fail daily, so it will be significant in 7 days.