If you are a good stranger, you are better than a relative.

Not all relatives are bad, but your relatives are very well-off when you see the money. He came to me and told me what he was doing.

When you see the buds, I am reluctant to call you an eunuch, but you don’t even have time to say when you have no money in your hand. No one else is around anymore.

Strangers are a little more blatant, and they are more likely to speak up. If they are not comfortable with the situation, they may not be able to call on the street for fear of getting help. There are many strangers in the eye who look at you when you’re wrong

But if your relatives are willing to help you, they may not be able to defeat their children because of their mistakes, such as discipline, or even worse, if you can not rely on anyone else, but do not expect anything.

There are many people while you can give. There are many relatives who are strong and strong. You cannot afford to leave them alone when you have nothing to do. Do not forget that everyone is bad. Life is different when life is different.

The relatives you see are often better than strangers when they are lower than they are, and when they make a mistake, they force themselves into strangers, and when they have money, they don’t even come close to smiling.

The good fortune of nature is not to come to you, but many of the old-fashioned relatives of the peppers are better than relatives, and if true, they are better than strangers. Zuu